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Client Testimonials

“I am sorry that I didn’t discover sooner the wonderful work that the team at Daly Towing‏ do for the people of Daly City. My sister literally couldn’t stop raving about them, so it was easy for me to make the call when my car broke down on the outskirts of town on Sunday. I was worried about the price, but needn’t have – the cost was incredibly reasonable, dare I say even lower than I expected! When you take into account how quickly they arrived with their tow truck (it was something like 25 minutes after my call) and how attentive and professional they were, they offer unbeatable value for money. Thank you!”

Vanessa King

“It’s been said before, jokingly I hope, that I shouldn’t really be in charge of my car keys. I am the first to admit that I can be a bit of a forgetful ditz sometimes, but I put that down to my artistic temperament! I am a professional cellist and I was on my way to a recital, cello in the trunk at the ready, when I realized my car keys were locked in the trunk along with my instrument! I was in a total panic, and I called my dad to ask his advice. He made a call to Daly Towing‏ who arrived in my driveway within 30 minutes. They performed some very clever open trunk techniques and bam! I was able to retrieve my car keys from my cello case and arrive on time to play at that recital!”

Zoe Buffery

“I ran out of gas on the freeway a week ago and had visions of me pushing my truck all the way to the nearest gas station until I remembered that Daly Towing‏ provided an out of gas service, where they come to you with enough gas to fill your tank up. Total lifesavers!”

Katie Bannon