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Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers about Online Car Shopping

Most people use the internet to purchase different kinds of products. However, when planning to buy a vehicle online, the Better Business Bureau or BBB reminds consumers to take extra precaution. Appearances of vehicles in the internet are not always the same. In fact, several buyers have been fooled with photo-shopped cars that look too good to be true. This is very frustrating considering that consumers get to buy these affordable and good looking vehicles that are manipulated by the seller.

For instance, Cars Direct Online or CDO has received ninety complaints within 36 months because of their defective products. The company operated in Cleveland and buyers who were enticed in buying a vehicle from them have found out several defects that are not observed on the first assessment. Some of them even discovered inaccuracy on the mileage information, including the car’s history. On the first view of the vehicles in the internet, consumers were convinced that it has no major rust problems, chips and dents. But when it is bought, there were several anomalies going on. No warranty is given and customers have to sign an acknowledgment form that contains an agreement that they have inspected the car already. This is an unacceptable practice considering that customers were not able to check the vehicle completely and the company is not giving what they have promised. That is why the Better Business Bureau gave an “F” rating to Cars Direct Online.

As an interested buyer in the internet, it is important not become a victim of any unscrupulous online sellers. Knowing that the pictures and information can be manipulated, BBB provides several pointers that are helpful to customers who wished to buy a second hand or used car in the internet and these are following;

  • Always buy from a reliable online company. Research its credibility and check the car dealership rating of the online seller given by the BBB.
  • Inspect the car carefully before buying or ask a professional individual to take a look closely on the vehicle. Do not rely on the descriptions and pictures given by the salesperson.
  • If the company requires a deposit until purchasing, make sure that you get a refund or there are cancellation policies in case you do not want to continue buying it. Secure all the emails provided by the dealer.
  • Obtain the VIN and assess the vehicle’s history report by using the services such as CARFAX.
  • Obtain the warranty information in writing. Take note that any vehicle sold “as is” can held costumers to be liable on the repair of the vehicle once it is bought.

All these tips should be followed accordingly to avoid being victimized by online sellers who are not giving every worth of the penny spent.